Clients & Event Participants!

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Pam Muskat Daily, Pinnacle Women’s Networking USA & Daily Beauty Lane

Grateful to meet Tricia in person and hear her speak about blogging for your business! She immediately established she worked her way up to become an expert in her field and inspired everyone in the room!! She also shared golden nuggets of wisdom about how to think about social media overall. I could listen to her all day! Every word was noteworthy and useful, she inspired me to write more and blog more!!! Thank you Tricia for giving us your time and answering all our questions!!! You are a gem!! ❤
— Pam Muskat Daily, Pinnacle Women's Networking USA Social Media Manager & Owner, Daily Beauty Lane
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Nancy Ayanna Wyatt, My Persuasive Presentations, LLC

As a seasoned business professional and solopreneur who manages multiple social media sites and websites, I value how I spend my time and my mind over almost everything else. In that context, I was SO HAPPY to listen to a lengthy presentation that Tricia gave which covered a gamut of technology, marketing, blogging, and other topics. She was entirely knowledgeable, engaging, engrossing, and taught me several new things in areas where I thought I knew quite a bit......I would love to take more classes from Tricia Driscoll. She speaks not only from technological, but also from experiential perspectives, and her wisdom is invaluable. I highly recommend her to you. Check out her wide variety of classes and consulting services. You will be glad you did!
— Nancy Ayanna Wyatt, Owner/Writer/Trainer At My Persuasive Presentations, LLC
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Heather Gardner, Director of Staffing

Shore Staffing, Inc

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Tricia gaining visibility on each of our social media platforms! Tricia took the time to understand how our business works and made her recommendations on how to best target our audience, create content, streamline our process, cultivate new ideas & plan ahead. Tricia went above and beyond our expectations with her positive outlook and creativity!! Don’t hesitate to bring her in to assist your marketing goals!! We can’t wait to work with Tricia again in the near future!!
— Heather Gardner, Director of Staffing, Shore Staffing, Inc
Dunbri's Dessert Cafe

Dunbri’s Dessert Cafe

Been a pleasure to work with Tricia. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity, connections and drive to cover every aspect of marketing have seen great results for our business. I would certainly recommend them and will be going back in the future for more hints and tips. She spends the time to make sure everything is planned out and takes the time to discuss with you before, during and after. If your looking for someone to help grow your business or come up with some new ideas, this is the place!
— Graham Mclean, Owner, Dunbri’s Dessert Café
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The Bill Denny Real Estate Group

Tricia Driscoll is quite simply a marketing master with unlimited energy and passion. Her creativity and uniqueness in promoting an event, business or product is refreshing and catchy. Tricia understands her target audience and focuses in on it. She fine tunes and develops her marketing strategy specific to the product or service that she is wanting to promote. Tricia has a special talent especially when the marketing involves social media or online exposure. I have seen firsthand how effective her online marketing efforts produce results with her involvement in The Young Entrepreneur Business Fair of which I am a co-founder with her and others and in the promoting of her jewelry business, Knotty Origami.  I highly recommend Tricia Driscoll for any marketing position or promotion of any product, event or service. Feel free to contact me anytime at
— Bill Denny, Owner, The Bill Denny Real Estate Group & Co-Founder, The Young Entrepreneur Business Fair,
Marie White Brock Norton Insurance.jpg

Marie White Of Brock Norton Insurance

Tricia Driscoll took over the marketing of Team WIN, a women’s networking group, in December of 2016. Since then, Tricia has quadrupled our Facebook audience by posting pictures of our events, reminding people of our upcoming speakers, and keeping our followers engaged. She also increased our online presence by creating an Instagram profile for our group. Our membership as well as our annual open house event has grown tremendously due to her marketing. Tricia thinks outside of the box to come up with posts and overall ideas for our group that our target audience relates to. As President of Team WIN, I don’t know what I’d do without her.
— Marie White, President, Team WIN,
Jinnae Monroe BRAND Workshop.jpg

Jinnae Monroe of Professionals By Design & Hire Ground

I had the pleasure of using KO Integral Marketing before it was a thing! Tricia took an interest in educating me on the importance of social marketing. Her one-on-one tutorial on the Basics of Instagram marketing is a perfect solution to getting it RIGHT! You will get more than you came/pay for. She is professional, informative and doesn’t believe in wasting your time. Most of all Tricia is easy to understand. I will use KO Integral Marketing again!
— J. Monroe, Owner, Professional By Design, LLC
Gretchen Michelle Home Business Whisperer.jpg

Gretchen Michelle, Freelance Business Organizer

Tricia is worth it. I hired Tricia because I was nervous to actually start the social media pages for my new business/blog. I am actually not that SM savvy and I didn’t want to “do it wrong.” Tricia helped me create my pages, helped me understand the analytics so I can leverage the SM in the best possible way, helped me make some great realistic goals to get started—showing me great ways to index and organize the content I will be posting, and she helped me understand the posting differences among the many SM platforms. She has a wealth of knowledge that is beyond helpful for anyone looking to gain any knowledge on all things SM. Tricia will work with you to increase your SM understanding and to help you set yourself up for success.
— Gretchen Kelsey, Owner, The Home Business Whisperer
MT Needleworks Teresa Giltner

Teresa Canup-Giltner, Owner, MT Needleworks

Working with KO Integral Marketing has been one of the best things I have done for my business in a while, with being a one person shop it’s important to be able to do other tasks than just your craft/product/service and Tricia was so helpful in showing me how to take pictures and present my products to social media and for point of sale marketing.
— Teresa Canup-Giltner, Owner, MT Needleworks