How Facebook Live Videos Are Like Virtual Vendor Shows

How Facebook Live Videos Are Like Virtual Vendor Shows

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It’s no secret to Social Media Marketers that Facebook Live Videos are important to a great online marketing strategy. I’ve shared a graphic that shows how one client learned that Facebook Lives can skyrocket engagement.

Facebook Lives can be as much as 6 times better at reaching your organic audience than other types of content. It takes a little preparation and a willingness to be visible in the moment. But, once you’re committed to completing that Live Video, and you do it consistently, you’ll begin to see that it will boost your page’s engagement.

I recently explored one angle relating to Facebook Lives in my own Facebook Live! You can watch it below

In the video, I talk about how I view Facebook Lives as extensions of in-person Vendor Events.

Many entrepreneurs have an online business component for sales who also conduct in-person Vendor or Brick & Mortar events. In retail and vendor events, the interaction with customers who visit your shop is integral to relationship building and sales. People who come to your booth/tent/store, can feel and see the products to gain trust in their quality, and they can speak to the people behind the business to learn the story and processes involved.

The only way to replicate that kind of essential interaction online is through interactive experiences, like The Facebook Live Video!

Facebook Live Videos enable you to have a two-way conversation with your audience. You can show details and samplings, and respond to near real-time questions about what your customers/clients see. If you offer a service, you can provide value and engage on items that are important to those that have taken the time to “walk into your virtual shop”.

Another fantastic reason that Facebook Live Videos are so useful for eCommerce Entrepreneurs?

It’s a time and energy saver.

Many product-based business owners are responsible for a multitude of tasks: creating, preparing, posting, promoting, and shipping a product. All of those tasks take a great deal of energy and time if you process and upload each product and variant to your website for sale.

But, what if you are testing the appeal of a potential product? Or, you are discontinuing products, liquidating products, or simply just have a few of a certain item left? It may not be necessary to go through all those typical eCommerce & Marketing tasks. You can potentially sell all of what you have available, or test the reception to new items, via a simple Facebook Live video.

Below, you can see a video of a Facebook Live that shows remaining products in a particular Knotty Origami collection that was being discontinued. The Facebook Live was the tip of that marketing effort and within a couple of days of that Live, all of the remaining bracelets were sold out. It is rare that I have done a Facebook Live for my product-based business and it did not yield at least one sale. It’s simply too easy to leverage to ignore the utility of the feature!

Another fantastic use for Facebook Lives is to give glimpses into your work world to show the processes, lifestyle, and work behind the business. Here, I bring viewers into the Knotty Origami Studio after the annual purge and reorganization.

In all of the examples I’ve shared above, those that follow, and interact with the Lives become a part of the business experience and conversation. The discussion and chatter is no longer one-way, but becomes a dialogue.

If you’re not using Facebook Lives in your Social Media Strategy, I hope you’ll consider starting. There are too many reasons to dive in, and to invite visitors into your “vendor tent” online.


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